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MadAces LLC.​

Your One Stop for Custom Horse Tack, Photography, Horse Training, and Ranch Work

Welcome to the Ranch

MadAces LLC. is a locally owned small business in Wyoming. It started out with just a sewing machine and some fabric to make a set of cute Polo wraps for a personal horse. And that was the end of the start for us! It kept growing into more. Custom Polos, tack, and horse training were the first few things that we offered back when this all started. 

We have currently changed our ways of doing things and what we offer. We guarantee our work to be one of a kind and to be hand crafted to the best of the best. While the items on the website seem far and few sense when we started please don't hesitate to ask us questions.

We offer the following:

Polo Wraps, Hand painted Bell Boots, Blinged out Sport Boots, Shadow Boxes, Custom painted leather tack and sets, Decals, Cups and Water Bottles, Hats, Shirts, and so much more. 

Custom Orders

Custom orders are OPEN! Starting Oct. 15th-Nov. 30th 2019

Christmas Orders need to be in by the start of next week Oct. 21st 2019

Custom Orders will open up again after January 2020 

When ordering custom orders please head to the contact us menu and send us an email with what you are looking for, color options, design ideas, and anything else that could be helpful for us to create you custom tack.


Meet the Owner/Designer/Photographer behind it all

Shelby Crowton (The Mad Hatter of Tack)

Hello all!

My name is Shelby and I am the designer, owner, and photographer of MadAces LLC. It all started when I wanted something special and different for my horse Tinkerbell. I was tired of paying high prices for polo wraps and items that I needed for her and my other horses on my families ranch in colorful Colorado. 

Along with creating something special for my horse I loved taking photos, and taking photos of horses was a passion and love for me. I started just taking photos at local rodeos that I attended and my friends and family told me that I should expand it. And I did! 

I am currently the mother of four beautiful children, four amazing horses, three adorable dogs, and two crazy kitties. I am also married to a wonderful man that puts up with all my crazy ways. We currently live in Wyoming on a beautiful ranch. I grew up with horses and cows in Wellington Colorado and I wanted to follow in my grandfathers foots steps in having my own ranch. Its a slow process but its happening!