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MadAces LLC.​

Brand Ambassador Program

This coming year for 2020 we will be doing things a little different for out Brand Ambassador program. We wish we could help everyone but sadly we cannot. Our team this year is killing it and we hope that they stick with us for 2020. 

Current Team Members: Please contact us for the forms for coming back to the program if you so choose no later then December 2019.

New Applicants: We will only be taking on 2-4 more riders to add to our team. With that being said please contact us for the application. Applications need to be turned in by November 30th.

Our Team

Our riders have the heart and soul it takes to make a team even better. 

Regan Davis


Danika Davis


My name is Danika Davis. I'm 10 years old from Chico, California. I love running my horse "Coats Strerakin Cash" or as we like to call him Shaggy through the course. Shaggy is an 8 year old Sorrel, who has the heart of Texas. I have Cystic Fibrosis, CF is a life shortening genetic disease. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 5 weeks old. Shaggy is like my partner in crime. He is like my therapy. Shaggy is like the PeeWee to Pro horse, he can lope the pattern with me then make a smokin' time with my sister. Shaggy is the best horse I could ever have.

With Love,


Emily Dodds


Sasha Miller


Kacee Jo John


Heyy! I'm Kacee Jo John from Logan Utah! I am currently just running my grey 8 year old mare "Mystic Autumn Frost", "Sis" as we call her! She loves her job but will also take my 3 year old daughter for a ride like its no one's business! Sis is definitely my one in a million horse! <3

Kaycee Crowton


Hey there I am Kaycee Crowton. I am 8 years old and I LOVE horses. I am currently riding my moms horse Missy. Missy is a very loving horse that always listens to me and takes care of me when I ride. I am learning how to barrel race with my moms help. I love watching my mom and her friends run barrels. I want to be like Mac when I grow older. I love playing with my baby brother and playing with my friends.

Riley Smith-Crowton


Hello! My name is Riley Smith-Crowton. I am 9 years old and I ride my moms horse Tarrant. Tarrant is a good horse that takes very good care of me and my siblings when we ride. She is named after the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. I am learning how to rope and I want to Breakaway rope once I get better. I love raising cows and playing with my friends. We live in a small town in Wyoming called Carpenter.